About Me

Sinan Ertemel is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Istanbul Technical University. With a PhD in Economics from Rice University, he has dedicated his research to various areas, including Game Theory, Matching and Market Design, Fair Allocation, Social Choice Theory, and Energy Economics. His work has been published in reputable economic journals and he has actively participated in international game theory conferences.

Dr. Ertemel teaches microeconomics and game theory courses at multiple prestigious universities. He has also provided specialized training to industry leaders, sharing his expertise in decision-making and game theory.

Dr. Ertemel has also been involved in consultancy services for the Energy and Education sectors, offering guidance to esteemed organizations and government institutions.

Sinan Ertemel

Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Management
Department of Economics

Maçka, 34367, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 (212) 293 1300 – 2059

E-mail: ertemels@itu.edu.tr

Website: http://www.sertemel.com